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We think pen & paper is still the number one app out there. Below are originally created printable resources from Jessie Marie Studio LLC for your use.

Work-At-Home Printables

Yearly Planner: We dare you to zoom out & look at the year ahead. Write down business goals, personal goals or sketch out next year’s travel plans.
Yearly Planner (PDF)

Quarterly Planner: Todd Henry introduced Jessie to Quarterly Checkpoints years ago – and she’s been doing one in some form or fashion ever since. Why not try this beautiful rhythm of review & goal making yourself?
Quarterly Planner (PDF)

Monthly Planner: Set aside an hour once a month to complete this energy inventory worksheet. It’s amazing how useful a check-in like this can be.
Monthly Planner (PDF)

Weekly Planner & Self-Care Recorder: At the beginning of your week fill this worksheet out. Then refer to the completed one to stay on task & record how you are taking care of yourself. Pair this worksheet up with Asana for to-do-list domination.
Weekly Planner & Self-Care Recorder (PDF)

Weekly Planner: At the beginning of each week fill this worksheet out. Then refer to the completed one during the week when needed.
Weekly Planner (PDF)

Weekly Task List: Keep this worksheet close to you during your workday. Use it to make a self-care plan and to prioritize your daily work & home tasks. We promise you will gain momentum through small steps.
Weekly Task List (PDF)

Master Schedule Template: We don’t need to convince you why creating a master schedule is helpful when the ladies over at Grit & Virtue have already done an amazing job doing so here.
Master Schedule Template (PDF)

Printables for Clients

Create a Creative Brief Worksheet: Use this worksheet during the beginning stages of your next design project. You will impress any designer you are working with AND end up with a well thought out final product. We promise.
Create a Creative Brief Worksheet (PDF)

Jessie Marie Studio LLC uses design to solve a problem, not to just make things look pretty. Oh, but don’t you worry, things will look pretty when we’re done. We enjoy focusing on meeting the design needs of small businesses & recreation organizations.