Daily Bread Yoga

What did you want this project to do for Daily Bread Yoga? I wanted an accessible, tangible, attractive, creative, and authentic information to be able to hand out to people. I wanted a streamlined, consistent look that could last a few years without updating. I wanted it to be authentic & reflective of my personality – without it being ABOUT ME – and the nature of the community that it represents.

Were your expectations met? (fist bump) nailed it. – Rachel B. G.

Business Card
Business Cards
Mood Board Workshop Results
DBY Vector Logo
Vectorized Existing Logo

This project began with a Mood Board Workshop plus vectorizing Daily Bread Yoga’s existing logo. Then we were able to define the brand colors, typography, and other visual elements for the Daily Bread Yoga community.

DBY Printable Sign
Printable Sign from Congregation Tool Kit

Tool Kits were created for each of the congregations the yoga classes are held, which included an easy to use logo file and printable signs. Rachel also sends templated artwork for the bulletins when needed.

DBY Brochure Front
Brochure Front
DBY Brochure Back
Brochure Back

The brochure was this project’s keystone piece. Our goal was to keep the content timeless enough to use for a long period of time. We sourced out the printing to a local print shop in Champaign.

DBY Brochure Inside
Brochure Inside

Adding schedule bookmarks to the brochure gives the user current ways to participate in Daily Bread Yoga’s services. These bookmarks were created to be printed on a home printer to lower cost and knowing schedule changes will happen.

DBY Bookmark Schedule Front
Schedule Bookmark Front
DBY Bookmark Schedule Back
Schedule Bookmark Back

Katie Goulet Design Co. used photos from two photo shoots we conducted to bring Daily Bread Yoga’s new website to life. 

DBY Website Homepage
Website Homepage – Design & Development by Katie Goulet Design Co.

And finally, because the client chose to add the Tune Up Package to this project their existing logo became new again. Applying a vector logo to fun merchandise like t-shirts and temporary tattoos is a breeze!

Yoga Tank Top
Pride Fest Temporary Tattoo

Project Competed 11/13/2018