All Together Now

Daily Bread Yoga contacted Jessie Marie Studio to bring the All Together Now – Daily Practice Guide to life. The result was a labor of love poured out of Rachel Bass-Guennewig over 68-pages for her community – and beyond.

One week of the year is represented by one page in this guide. Each month is represented by four pages with a specific overarching yoga theme. Open to a page in the All Together Now – Daily Practice Guide and you will read an inspirational quote followed by conversational thoughts from Rachel. Then you are asked to show up for 15–20 minutes each day to engage in Mind, Body, and Spirit exercises.

“All of the rest of it looks great!!!!
Good grief, this was a lot of work.”

– Rachel B.G.

As the project progressed it became evident that the Asana Sequences would shine brighter with custom illustrations of Rachel. Forty yoga poses were illustrated using photographs the yoga instructor took of herself doing each pose. The possibilities of how these graphics can be used in the future are endless. The animated GIF shown here showcasing one of Daily Bread Yoga’s Chairish sequences is just one example.

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Client: Daily Bread Yoga
Project completed on 09/17/2019