Jessie Marie Studio

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We use design to solve a problem, not to just make things look pretty. Oh, but don’t you worry, things will look pretty when we’re done. We enjoy focusing on meeting the design needs of small businesses & recreation organizations.

Who is Jessie Marie?

Jessie lives in Champaign, Illinois with her husband, Jarrod, and her two children, Cadence & Gavin. The Scheunemanns own & operate Jessie Marie Studio LLC. They like to go by bike. They also like to go by truck. When given the chance they travel here, there & everywhere. Any extra money they have left at the end of the month they spend on concert tickets.

The couple published their first children’s book, Adventures with Ranger Roy: Acadia National Park, in 2010. Jessie illustrated it using paper cut illustrations & Jarrod wrote it. Contact us if you are interested in a copy.

We Give 10% Back

Jessie Marie Studio LLC gives 10% of all client’s payments back. Back to charities like OMF International; our local church, Twin City Bible Church & missionary friends in need. Because we believe the best thing to do when you make money is to give money.